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About HeyJune Studio

HeyJune Studio provides a peaceful place for stressful people to slow down and enjoy the moment.


Art is a great therapy for lives, in HeyJune Studio we are not only learning the technique but also engaging Arts in living.


Hey ! June.

Graduated in Visual Arts bachelor, major in painting. I'm a watercolor artist and calligrapher.

I love Arts and is now blending art in daily living by providing workshops and products in different aspects for all of you. 

Join us in Fotan Studio!


Wedding / Workshops / Corporate Work /
On-Site Calligraphy Service/ Comissions

June provides 4 kinds of calligraphy styles for fitting into different theme. 

We can work on papers, glass, leather, plastic, anything.



We offer workshops and

regular courses.

Let's learn watercolor steps by steps

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