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it is suitable for beginners and 0 knowledge in calligraphy.

You will end up learning intermediate level of Dip Pen Calligraphy!

$2000/4 lessons ( 2.5 hours per lesson)

it is an beginner + intermediate level of Dip Pen Calligraphy.

若你對西洋書法有興趣, 又想學多點裝飾性的FLOURISHING, 就一定不能錯過!

地點 | HeyJune Studio (Kwun Tong)

材料 | HeyJune Studio 提供

贈送材料 | 斜杆筆桿、筆尖、墨水、練習筆記兩份



| 第一堂(初級班Beginner course ) 熱身及介紹沾墨肇, 示範及教學如何運用沾水筆寫出大小楷書法字母, 學生將學會3 種風格字體


|第二堂(中級大階班 UPPERCASE Flourishing course ) 介紹flourishing 要點及技巧, 示範及教學如何運用於字體中, 最後學生創作, 導師會逐一給指導及意見


|第三堂(中級細階班 LOWERCASE Flourishing course ) 介紹flourishing 要點及技巧, 示範及教學如何運用於字體中, 最後學生創作, 導師會逐一給指導及意見


|第四堂(Flourising Decorations ) 介紹flourishing decorations 及畫花要點及技巧, 示範及教學如何運用於字體中, 最後學生創作, 導師會逐一給指導及意見


there will be 4 lessons
(1) beginner calligraphy- learn basic, causal and classic style in 3 hours, includes all the basic knowledge and intro to the tools

(2)flourishing uppercase lesson - introduce how to flourish and practice uppercase flourishing


(3)flourishing lowercase- 4 kinds of flourishing in lowercase and practice from a-z!


(4)flourishing decorations- learn how to add florushing deocrations to the word designs!



書法常規課程Regular Calligraphy Course (4 lessons included)

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